High Pressure Combustion Lab

Dr. Richard Yetter, Director

104 Research Building East
University Park, PA 16802

Phone: (814) 863-6375

Email: ray8@psu.edu

Dr. Eric Boyer, Assistant Director

High Pressure Combustion Lab
University Park, PA 16802

Phone: (814) 863-2264

Email: jeb19@psu.edu


The HPCL has extensive advanced diagnostic equipment, notably including . . .

  • High-speed cameras
  • A broad catalog of dynamic and static pressure sensors
  • High-power real-time X-ray radiography for diagnostics of high-pressure combustion behavior inside rocket motors or gun interior ballistics.
  • Color Schlieren system for flow visualization.
  • Multi-color pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurements
  • Ultrasound pulse-echo detection system for non-intrusive determination of the surface regression process and determination of instantaneous web thickness of solid fuels/propellants.
  • Multi-channel acoustic emission recording and analysis system for determination of onset of ignition and combustion duration, as well as detection of combustion anomaly.